01. Gray whales [migrate] down the coast of our state every year.
02. [Migrant] workers follow the fruit harvesting across the state every summer and fall.
03. There are a number of [migratory] birds which come to Swan Lake every year to nest.
04. People from the countryside are [migrating] to the large cities in search of work.
05. There has been a great deal of [migration] to Israel of Jews from the former Soviet republics over the last few years.
06. Environmentalists fear the oil pipeline may disturb the [migration] patterns of the caribou in the far north.
07. There is increasing evidence that [migration] from Asia to Australia took place as early as 100,000 years ago.
08. Most people who [migrate] from rural to urban areas do so for economic reasons.
09. The United States is a society in which [migration] has played an essential role in population growth.
10. Cancer cells can [migrate] throughout the body, and produce additional tumors.
11. Sea turtles [migrate] hundreds of miles between nesting and feeding grounds.
12. These wetlands are protected because they are nesting grounds for many [migratory] birds.
13. There is a type of bird which [migrates] a total distance of about 18,000 miles each year, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.
14. [Migrating] geese fly in a V-formation to conserve energy, and take turns in the lead position.
15. During [migration], geese may cover up to 600 miles per day.
16. In Iraq over the past 50 years, there has been a widespread [migration] of people to the urban centers.
17. In 1987, a chain of special tunnels were opened under British highways to protect [migrating] toads during mating season.
18. The Gypsy people are believed to be the descendants of [migrants] from India in the 15th century.
19. Helen Hunt Jackon once wrote, "Oh, write of me, not "Died in bitter pains," but "[Emigrated] to another star!""
20. The gravel in the path tends to [migrate] to the bottom over time as a result of the downward slope.
21. The design for the new building encourages a natural [migration] of the students towards certain common areas where they can meet to chat or have lunch after class.
22. After the birds [migrated] south, the weather began to get really cold.
23. The early [migrations] of man were largely an account of his response to the changing environment of the ice age.
24. The study of magnetic properties in the rocks of North America suggests that the magnetic pole has [migrated] somewhat over the last several hundred million years.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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